Geek Blather - Wednesday , February 20 , 2008
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Chicky Comics To top

This is a really beautiful comic with a pretty deep story. I can't explain. Go read it.

A new strip I just picked upon. I especially relate to the main character's issues with art professors. Huzzah for the ability to bs your way into intellectualism!

It's not Satanic Porn.

Another new strip, chased down from a forum. I'm attached to her people almost as much as I am to mine.

A newer strip from K. Sandra Fuhr. I like that her gay boys aren't necessarily fluffy. Or, even gay.

I'm very jealous of her caricatures.

Yaay for another digitally produced comic! Plus, you get to see her sketches everyother day, and her art is amazing.

Karen puts out a diary comic, more or less based on her real life. *Warning* Very addictive. She's loveable.

Oh the angst of high school girls. You know you love it.

The random things in this strip make me laugh out loud.

Drawn by the talented Chris Daily, but, lots of hot girls in it. Also not really a gaming comic.

So, not actually written and drawn by girls/ladies/women/womyn/chickies/chicaspick your descriptor, but about some fantastic female characters. Something tells me he has badass women in his life.

Gaming Comics To top

Also check out his art pages.Seriously. Color me envious.

Funny, and cool design. Ok, they're all funny. That's the point right?

Oddly entertaining.

What really goes on outside a game.

What really goes on inside a game.

Jennie Breeden's gaming comic.

The one that started it all, for me anyway.

Say it together now... Panda Attack!

Who ever thought kitties playing videogames could be disturbing?

Random Comics To top

I adore the art on this comic, and it's funny, and nefarious and silly all at once.

Relationships, highschool angst, succubi.

Slice of life. Despite the title, the comic doesn't suck! A pretty new strip, go poke at it.

I'm Batman.

It's animated! And super clever. Think, 'To Wong Foo' meets 'Power Puff Boys.'

Crafty things and comics about yarn. I relate to this probably better than I should.

Hocrap can this guy draw, and be funny and clever at the same time. I'm lucky if I can manage one of those...

He updates every dang day. I only wish I were this clever.

Not your typical 'talking cats' comic. Probably the most realistic one out there,actually. If Potato has a webcomic, it would be this.

Manga style fantasy hero dundering awesomeness.

Still haven't had enough? More things to play with.

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Really, I shouldn't recommend this, because you might spend all day there. This is in "Other", because they have silly news, and a couple of different comics/web shows/toons going. High addictive.

Cedarwolf's page of art and illustration. Artpad Doodle things and share them!
Rate My Similar to artpad, but with all the judgemental fun of Hot or Not.
Poem Organize and search for favorite poems. Ok, I admit it, I'm a geek. Big surprise.
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