Geek Blather - Wednesday , February 20 , 2008
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I do take commissions for all kinds of artwork. In addition to digital art, I also paint and draw with pencil, charcoal, pastels or any amalgam of the above. Obviously rates depend on what kind of work you would like me to produce, and in what medium, but my rates for most projects are pretty cheap (too cheap, if you ask my mom, but I'd rather be doing work I love for a little less, than spend my time gouging people.) I've done illustrations for print and digital media, and I'm happy to get you your image in whatever format you like. For digital images, shipping is free, and anything else, just basic postage is added.

I'm willing to draw just about anything under or above the sun, from fantasy characters, videogame characters, your own inventions. Basic black and white, or single color illustrations start at $10.00 US. Feel free to send me an email to talk about what you'd like.

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